Occasionally I write some humorous works. These works are released under an open-source license (the terms of which you can read if you download the pieces). The open-source license serves an important purpose: it makes it legal for you to print and sell copies of the humorous works. You might be wondering why you would want to go to the bother of doing that. Two reasons come to mind. The first reason is greed: if you want to try selling the humorous works to make a profit then feel free to do so. The second, and more likely, reason is fund-raising for, say, a local charity or social group.

The Bisexual Dictionary

The basis for this work is simple: look in a dictionary for words that contain the letters “bi” and define alternative meanings for them. For example, ability is defined as the “potential to be bisexual”, and ambiguity is a “state of confusion caused by not having decided if one wants to pick-up a man or a woman tonight”.

You can download this work in the following formats:

University Queer Society Poster Book

Years ago when I was a graduate student, I joined the university’s lesbian and gay society, which was a social group that met once a week. We usually chatted for an hour while drinking tea and coffee, and then went to a local gay pub. Compared to other university societies that were constantly organizing exciting events, our society was pretty boring. Until…

One day, one of our members came up with a brilliant plan: “Let’s hang up posters that claim we’re organizing exciting events. Nobody who isn’t queer will have the guts to come to one of our meetings to verify whether we’re holding the events, so we’ll get away with it. We will look like the most exciting group on campus and other societies won’t be able to compete with us!” We did exactly that. It was great fun writing posters that made more and more outrageous claims for the next meeting. This book is a collection of some of the best poster designs I thought of. You can download it in the following formats: