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Chapter 13  Small Things that We Do

Pelin and Ersan Akgun, Twickenham: 23 April 2012

Dear Toby,
We are friends of your mummy. Many years ago in a social gathering, we met your lovely mother for the first time. It was just a couple of months before our first and only son Kuzey’s arrival to this world. Having our first baby was the most exciting and challenging journey—many thanks to Bianca for making it easier with her gentle support, love and care during this period. She was brilliant with Kuzey, and her natural ability to sooth him, cheer him up and put him to sleep (and believe me what a challenge that was) made us realize that she would be an amazing mother!

We were so happy to hear about your birth and when we read the about the Letters to Toby project, about how we are contributing towards making the world better place, we had to write something. Even though we are not a very green family, there are still some small things that we do:

Pelin, Ersan and Kuzey River Akgun

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