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Chapter 26  Other CORBA Resources

26.1  Books and Articles

Most CORBA products are provided with manuals although, as you might expect, the quality of the documentation varies from one product to another. In general, you are likely to obtain less documentation with a freeware CORBA implementation than with a commercial product. Regardless of which CORBA product you choose, you may wish to supplement its documentation with a book. A good way to choose a book is to visit and use its search engine to help you browse CORBA books. The customer reviews will help you choose a good book. Some of this author’s favorite CORBA books are listed below:

Douglas Schmidt, who headed the development of TAO, and Steve Vinoski, who headed the development of Orbix, have published many interesting articles on CORBA. You can obtain electronic versions of many of their papers from their web pages: schmidt/

26.2  The CORBA Utilities Package

The CORBA Utilities package is a collection of documented software utilities that dramatically simplify CORBA development. The collection is available as a free download from the following URL:

The utilities are available in both C++ and Java, and are known to work out-of-the-box with Orbix, Orbacus, TAO and omniORB. A lot of attention has been paid to portability of the utilities so it should be quite easy to get the utilities working with other CORBA products. Even if you decide to not use the utilities in your own projects, the documentation provided with the utilities is worth reading for the useful advice that it provides.

26.3  Internet Resources

The OMG web sites ( and provide free access to a lot of information on CORBA. You can download CORBA specification documents in the form of PDF files. The web sites also provides links to other CORBA-related online resources.

The following Internet newsgroups are for discussing CORBA:


Contributors on those newsgroups (which include some employees of several CORBA vendors) are usually happy to answer questions and offer advice.

Some CORBA vendors have their own newsgroups and/or mailing lists dedicated to their own products. You should ask your CORBA vendor for details.

As discussed in Section 2.7, you can find numerous examples of CORBA success stories on the OMG web sites and the web sites of CORBA vendors.

26.4  Consultancy and Training Courses

Some CORBA vendors, and also some independent companies, offer CORBA training courses and consultancy. You can contact an individual company to see what services they offer. Another option is to use an Internet search engine to find companies that offer CORBA training and consultancy.

Consultancy is often perceived as being expensive. Indeed, it can be if your organization hires a consultant for the entire duration of a long-term project. However, there is a much more cost-effective way of using consultancy services:

Many organizations make the mistake of sending developers on a training course to learn new skills that will not be used until many months later. By the time the skills are finally required, the developers will have forgotten them. If feasible, it is much more productive to have an on-site, CORBA training course at the start of a project. In this way, the developers will be able to practice the new skills in their work straight away. Also, by timing the training course to coincide with the start of the project, the developers will be able to ask the course instructor questions about how to use what they learn from the course in their project.

A training course will be the most effective if the instructor is a consultant who is already familiar with your intended project. In such cases, the instructor is often able to pro-actively point out to developers how specific CORBA concepts and coding idioms can be used effectively in the project.

Much of the information in this book is taken from material in training courses offered by IONA technologies. If this book has provided you with a useful overview of the concepts of CORBA then you might want to consider attending an IONA training course to obtain the skills necessary for development of CORBA applications.

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