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Chapter 3  Oxfam, Protest Marches and The Green Parent

Lucy AitkenRead, London: 2 March 2012

Dear Toby,
I am a friend of your mummy. I met her through the Internet—a wonderful forum called The Green Parent. I have only met your mummy a few times face to face but I think she is brilliant! I love the way your mum and dad are so deliberate, through all the tiny and big things, about making this earth that bit more wonderful. You will have such an adventure with parents who are true change makers!

I have a little girl called Ramona, she is 16 months old and is very lovely. Maybe one day you two might be pals. Maybe you might meet one day on a big protest march through the streets of London, calling for our leaders to make more just and fair decisions! Who knows? Ramona and I love going on these protests as we really believe in making sure our leaders do the right thing.

I work for Oxfam half the week, while my husband looks after Ramona. In this job I help people to think about our global brothers and sisters—family across the world who we have never met, but who we have an impact on through the way we live.

Welcome to the world, little man! I hope your journey is one that bursts with hope!

Lucy and Ramona AitkenRead

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