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Chapter 4  Some Things Are More Important than Earning Lots of Money

Helen Wright, Reading: 5 March 2012

Dear Toby,
I know your parents through True Food Co-op, which is somewhere lots of people use their power in big and small ways to make the world a better place.

I gave up a well-paid job to work for True Food because it is something that I believe in, and that is more important than earning lots of money. As well as my paid work, I am a volunteer member of the management committee. Every week I write an email that is sent to all the True Food members. This is an important way I use my power to help people as it encourages all the members to feel part of True Food and gives them information about how they can get more involved and use their own power to help.

Another group I am involved in is an amateur drama group called Progress Theatre. I think this is also a way of using my power to help as people working together to produce something creative definitely makes the world a better place.

Something I try to do in whatever groups I am involved in is to assume that everyone is trying to do their best. If people disagree with me, even if they upset me, I say to myself that they are doing what they think is right. Even if we are doing amazing things I think if we are aggressive and fall out with people in the process, then we are not really making the world a better place.

I’m sure you will grow up to have lots of skills and use your power wisely.

Helen Wright

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